What is Shipwizz?

ShipWizz helps online shoppers to choose where to pick up or return their orders at any time.

Collect anytime anywhere

Shipwizz connects hundreds of convenient locations like stores, bars, coffee shops, gyms with millions of online shoppers. No more missed or late delivery, no more hassle.

Easy and quick return

ShipWizz allow online shoppers to easily return their orders through the ShipWizz app at any pickup location. No more trouble with unwanted items.

It is cheap and fast

ShipWizz can save up to 50% of the delivery fee and deliver any package in one day .

Do you have a shop and want more customers?

We help you and it doesn't cost you anything

Sign up as a collection point

Become a Wizz spot and we will place
a specially designed Wizz box in your shop

How to be a Wizz Spot


More customers visit your shop

Your shop will become the hotspot for
online shoppers to pick up their orders everyday

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Make more cash

People collecting their orders
are all your potential customers

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Are you an online shopper?

  • Easier online delivery

    1. Choose Shipwizz when you check out your order
    2. Select the nearest retail shop to your home or office
    3. Get notified when your order arrives to your selected shop
    4. Pick up your order anytime when its convenient within 7 days + Save money on delivery
  • Return online purchases

    1. Request a return via shipwizz by entering your order number
    2. Select the nearest retail shop to drop your unwanted order
    3. You will be notified when your order has been returned to the seller

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Are you a shop who wants to increase customer base and earn more cash by letting people to collect online orders?

  1. It's free
  2. No extra opening hours required
  3. No change in your day to day business, just more customers

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